Something exciting happening in this corner of the world and the internet.


It's official and exciting things are about to happen at Ilene & Co.

Ilene & Co. was created with a purpose to support and empower women today. Though we are a jewelry business, we are also in business for women.

We have already created #ileneandcoforher, an initiative to tighten gender equality gap and promote a shared vision with the women community. We are dedicated to donate part of your purchase to form the next generation of women leaders through organizations such as the Global Fund for Women, and in future together with other organizations alike.

We are also going to use this space to highlight hidden thoughts and wisdom of women you may not hear from very so often, because we want to amplify the voice of our community.

Finally, we hope you will not just enjoy these jewelry chosen only by women, but also know that you are the reason why Ilene & Co. started and why we do what we do.

Cheers to layering confidence!


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